Wrestling Games Are Of The Past

Hello Friends, today we are going to suggest you something that is really interesting.

Wrestling Games are of the past

I am 29 years old and I used to be a big fan of wresting like WWF, WWE, WCW and even New Blood Wrestling. Now Wrestling does not bring the same amount of attention from the fans. Many people are also disinterested in watching a game of wrestling or even attending the matches that are held in places like the US. What we see people do nowadays is something different for entertainment and that will be playing games on their phone.

Mobile Gaming Is The Future

The entertainment industry is changing and it is changing rather rapidly. The fantastic thing about this industry is that it is flexible and can accommodate almost anything. Nowadays trend is gaming on a phone. The phones are getting smarter by the day and so is the user who has ever changing interests and needs. The user wants to sit on their bed and play a game rather switch on TV and watch wrestling matches. No wonder viewership has been decreasing constantly.

Favorite Game

My favorite game is none other than 8 ball pool. This is my all time best and favorite game and I play this game almost every day. This is a game which is played between two people only at a time and people used to play this in real life. Actually it is still played in real life but then the fact of the matter is that nowadays people are able to play this game with exact same experience by sitting right at home. By sitting at home, you can play this game on your phone and have a similar experience. Many people we know are addicted to this game and would do anything for this game.

Some are even cheating to be honest and we got to know this from a friend who was using a 8 ball pool online hack. This online hack has the capacity to provide you with a lot of in game resources. These resources can be utilized to buy items in the game and make you a better player. Imagine a person with the most basic stick and one with the best stick, who has a better edge? Nevertheless we have decided not to do things like cheating as it destroys the purpose and the fun experience that you have by playing a game.

What Next?

So guys, we are not telling you that you should not watch New Blood Wrestling or World Wrestling Entertainment or World Championchip Wrestling but what we are doing is simply telling you the latest trends in the entertainment industry. What we have noticed among the general public is that they would rather sit at home playing a game of 8 ball pool rather switching on their TV and watch a game of wrestling. In fact even cricket is losing the viewership and fast and let us not waste time in guessing the culprit. So you basically know what is happening now.

WCW’s The New Blood

WCW had hired Kevin to over see the bookings for the wrestling matches. In the year 2000, they had decided that Kevin has not been able to bring a lot of success on the table and so they decided to bring in some new talent then. WCW brought back Eric, the former president of the same and Vince Russo, the creative guy over at the most famous WWF. WCW had hoped that together they would be able to create something new and interesting that people would love to watch.

There a new thing was born called “The New Blood” in WCW which actually consisted of all the young wrestlers along with some of the more older and Elite stars who were in the back ground for many years. The guys who were recruited for this new blood were all famous stars who weren’t the new favorites anymore but people still were in awe of them.

The Idea Behind The New Blood

Let us look at the core idea of creating the new blood. The concept was such that the new younger wrestlers would create some kind of interest among all the young wrestling fans. It was suggested that most of the young kids who loved watching wrestling matches were in love with the WWF and nobody watched the WCW. So the aim was to bring some of the viewers to WCW instead of WWF and so the new blood matches were begun.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was an important part of the WCW’s The New Blood. People loved him and so it was natural that he be roped in this new show. Several times Hulk was seen attacking the NB shows, he would wear T-shirts that would say FU New Blood. We never got to know why he would hate his own show but nevertheless that was the thing with this new show. But how long could this have worked? Soon Hogan had quit and the New Blood was over.

The New Blood Did Not Work

You might have guessed by now that this new series did not work at all. The show starters had called it quits saying it does not work. The idea was to create interest among young teens who watched WWF but that did not work. Most of the young wrestlers that were brought to the show failed to create interest. Guess who created interest among the fans? The same old guys who were living in the background created more interest among people.

Later WCW had also come up with a new plan in hopes that it would work out the second time. They came up with New Blood Rising. See this photo below, we can see some matches were held too. We don’t know what happened to this show but we will research and come back with some updates soon.